Trick or Treat!  Happy Halloween!


Every Halloween, the streets are lined with frightening strangers – decaying mummies, wicked clowns and hungry zombies – arriving at your door every few minutes demanding a gift of food for their bags

Halloween can be scary, or just like any other day for your pup.  With careful planning and consideration you can alleviate any anxiety or stress they may feel.

Lions, and Tigers and Monsters, Oh My!

Trick or treaters coming to your door!

While the kids in costume are fun for us, it can be terrifying for your pets.

Halloween2“Who are these strangers at the door? Why do they keep knocking on the door? Why do you open the door, and then why do they yell?! I’m pretty sure I just saw a zombie.”

Take some steps to ensure that your Canine Companions for Independence puppy feels safe this Halloween.

  • If you go out trick or treating, leave them at home.
  • If you’re answering the door for trick or treaters pick a room far away from the front door and designate it the pet room for the evening. Turn on low music or a television in the room so knocking or doorbell ringing isn’t quite so noticeable.

Dressing up your pup!

If you dress up your pup be sensitive to their level of comfort.  Not all dogs are used to things on their heads or bodies and it may create a negative association later which can cause discomfort for them in their vest or possible future placement and use in physical/occupational therapy settings where they may wear a jacket or costume to help their graduate complete a task or work on a skill.


The one costume your pet should not go without this Halloween is their identifying tag, engraved with your phone number.  Many pets go missing on Halloween, so make it easier for rescuers to reach you if this happens.

Good things to eat!

Halloween candy tastes wonderful but can be incredibly dangerous for our four-legged pups.

  • Chocolate: Halloween provides easy access to this deadly treat, especially when you have a fully-stocked bowl.  Chocolate is dangerous to both dogs and cats, and can be lethal. Symptoms include diarrhea, quick breathing, high heart rate and vomiting.
  • A good rule of thumb when it comes to all candy for your pup is this: DON’T DO IT.  Even non-chocolate candy is dangerous as it may contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar and seizures.
  • Keep candles, decorations and pumpkins up high and out of reach.

Just a couple of pup-kins hanging out on a brisk fall afternoon.

We hope to see our Central Florida puppy raisers at our annual puppy costume contest and pic-nic on Saturday, Oct. 31st at Blue Jacket Park, located at 201 General Reese Avenue, Orlando, FL (near Baldwin Park and Glenridge Middle School). This will also be an opportunity to send off those puppies about to matriculate on November 6th.  Give your friendly Puppy Program Manager a call if you have any questions about the event.


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